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2016 vincent

album cover Tarafa by Mohammed Haddad

the musicians:

ahmad al ghanem - flute
abdulla haji - clarinet & saxophone

muhammed mohy aldin - trumpet
mohammed rashid - guitar
moustafa mansi - cello
mohammed haddad - piano, sansula & keyboard

dalia saleh - voice narration


hashim al alawi - sound engineer

recorded at mello studio

2016 vincent


a musical story shedding light upon the blue life of the painter: vincent van gogh (1853 - 1890)


behind the cheerful colors that vincent worked with, there are dark colors contributed to his psychological configuration ..


in this album i try to recall these intimate colors that may not appear clearly in his paintings, and i try to translate them into melodies that imitate his impressions and his pain, which did not abate throughout his life.


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